Monday, January 16, 2012

Wait ... I have a blog?!?

Holy Moley, I forgot I had a blog. I should use it more often.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Less auspicious days

From the world view of the Torygraph:

"April 29, the date chosen for Prince William's wedding to Kate Middleton, was chosen because it is the anniversary of the death of St Catherine of Siena. However the day has also seen some far less auspicious events through history."

Those moments:
Hitlers wedding (fair enough Telegraph)
German forces in Italy surrendered (errr ... actually sounds good)
Dachau was liberated (also sounds good)
Cardinal Richelieu of France became worlds first prime minister. Telegraph points out this led to widespread reforms and united France (okay so on one side a good thing but on the other it helped France so we can call this a tie).
The Easter Rising ends (good for the Irish in that it leads to our Republic, good for the Brits as they kicked our ass and had yet to mess up and unite the country against them).

So the only really less auspicious moment could be the Hitler thing. And since that did end in suicide in 24 hours, it is hardly that tremendously bad. Did someone notice the Hitler connection, write the headline and tried to justify the article with random historical events?

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I finally have been bullied enough to join Twitter. If you are twitty enough to tweet, I am logged in under user name Caddy_Powers.

So far I not sure who the two people who are following me are and I am sort of scared to find out due to their descriptions.

Finally, just because you monsters have won on the twitter front don't feel emboldened to relaunch the campaign to get me on facebook. I will poke out your eye if you do.

How my life works

Despite my love of Pixar, I have not yet seen Toy Story 3 yet. The reason: I was informed by the 'Ball and Chain' that we had to see it together. As we could not arrange times, I missed it when it was in the cinema. Bought the DVD / Blue Ray of it yesterday and was putting off watching it so I could see it with her in the next week or two.

I was just informed that she had seen it ages ago and just didn't tell me.


She has kindly informed me that I am now allowed see films I really would love to see without her permission but I am not allowed to sleep with other girls.

No, I have no idea how the leap in logic work. Still it is nice that she has maintained the delusion that I can attract another woman. Also, I am not sure but I guess I am allowed sleep with men - I think I can do alright in Bear lovers circles.

So that was a day or two later

Err, forgot about the blog.

Maybe I will start again in a day or two.

Sort of annoyed by the fact that I deleted the first post. Now people will think I am ripping off Scott Pilgram.


Thursday, April 08, 2010

Apparently I am not dead

Man it was a while since I posted. Not sure how long ago since I deleted the old blog without paying too much attention.

Will re-build links to those still blogging later.

Not sure if I will start up with blogger again and almost certainly won't put the same effort into it. Probably will only use it to type up stuff I am mentally trying to process but have no-one to act as a sounding board to point out the huge dramatic flaws.

Will start up posts in a day or two. Maybe.