Saturday, November 20, 2010

How my life works

Despite my love of Pixar, I have not yet seen Toy Story 3 yet. The reason: I was informed by the 'Ball and Chain' that we had to see it together. As we could not arrange times, I missed it when it was in the cinema. Bought the DVD / Blue Ray of it yesterday and was putting off watching it so I could see it with her in the next week or two.

I was just informed that she had seen it ages ago and just didn't tell me.


She has kindly informed me that I am now allowed see films I really would love to see without her permission but I am not allowed to sleep with other girls.

No, I have no idea how the leap in logic work. Still it is nice that she has maintained the delusion that I can attract another woman. Also, I am not sure but I guess I am allowed sleep with men - I think I can do alright in Bear lovers circles.

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